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Where do we come from? What we are? Where are we going? (Paule Gaugiun 1897)
The world population increases at rapidly accelerating rate and now it has been reached 7.6 billion in this planet since our ancestors immigrated and spread to the world from mother Africa. Starvation, depletion of resources, environmental destruction, the refugee cause by wars and politics, and the poverty in this capitalist economy system, all issues are derived from the world population growth. People established organizations, developed technology and advanced into the space. The human extensions know no bounds and in the next decades, human might live in the virtual reality, or colonize in Mars or perhaps keep marching towards the extinction.

It is said that Norman explorer Ingólfr Arnarson was the first person started to live in Iceland. Since then, this country has been growing successfully in fishing industry, power generation industry, and heavy industry by effective use of renewable energy. Remarkably the power system running by 100 % of Iceland’s electricity comes from renewable sources, making it only the country in the world. This is not the only the answer of resolving all the issue in the world but living with nature and establishing the reasonable system might be one of the answer of human evolution.

Who divided the countries despite of when we look at the earth from the space, there is no line between on the land? Why dispute never ever end although we learnt from the history? Are we just emotional or rational? Perhaps we are all immigrants since our ancestors were so. The line give the culture but grows vandalism at the same time as well as dreams make us stronger but weaker, and reality wake us up but disappointed at the same time. Until we found the answer, we are immigrating somewhere.